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Class X - Exam Time table-2019

Class X  - Secondary Board Examination Time table  - 2019

CBSE - DATASHEET  ( Time 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM)







05 March 2019

10.30 A.M.

007 / 013



07 March 2019

10.30 A.M.




13 March 2019

10.30 A.M.




23 March 2019

10.30 A.M.




27 March 2019

10.30 A.M.




29 March 2019

10.30 A.M.




Carmel Alumina Meet 2019


It was a great joy to meet, listen and to have fellowship with our pass out students; This day was also an encouragement for juniors of Carmel students; as the alumina shared their educational and employment experience on this day. They also shared about their memories with Carmel School and how much they missed this School. Our existing students performed few activities on this day.  Mr. Biswajit Pani, General Secretary of our Society encouraged and blessed this event.   

School Management Committee Meeting

Carmel English School is  thankful for continuous support and guidance  of esteemed member for the growth of the school for its all round development 

Indian Language celebrations

LinkCarmel School, Kallata celebrated " Bhasasangam Program" as encouraged by Ministry of Human Resource Development ( Govt. of India). This program continued for one month; the detail can be found here   

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas

Presider : Milli Rani Bhuyan

Hindi Diwas is celebrated every year on 14th September to pay tribute to the official language of India as Hindi was adopted as the official language of Constituent assembly on September 14, 1949. The Constitution of India adopted Hindi in Devanagri Script as the official language of the union under Article (343) in 1950.

Participant of class V - XI  students of Carmel English School.


  • Speech 
  • Reciting Poems
  • Explanation of poem cards
  • Pledge 

Organised by Hindi Dept. of Carmel English School,Kallata


Thank You


Teachers' Day celebration

Teachers' Day Celebration

September 5th, Birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, was celebrated at Carmel English  School. his footsteps, the teachers follow, are being proved on Teachers day.

Teachers play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. It is impossible to imagine students’ lives without teachers. They are the cornerstone of students’ future. We can never thank teachers enough for their immense contribution in a student’s life. Teacher's Day is celebrated to show students acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by Carmel teachers towards students’ development. 

Highlight of the Teachers' Day Celebration - 2018

K.Pushpanadham offer an opening prayer for the flourishing celebration and Mrs.Deepika Paik read the scripture from the Holy Book BIBLE based on Teachers.senior students welcome teachers with rose flower with love.

Mr. Ranjit Kumar Paik (Principal) and all the teachers call to the stage and there was cake cutting on memory of Dr.Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan as Birth anniversary.

The Choir group sang the welcome song to convey that we really respect you and lookout you for everything.

The Principal Mr.Ranjit Kumar Paik spoke high about Carmel students and to BE CREATIVE...

Teachers' day programme included dance, skit and song performed by the students. Teachers got very delighted by the programme organized for them.

Students always look forward to Teacher's Day with a lot of anticipation, for the sheer spirit of the occasion. All in all, it was celebration mode for everyone!

The Programme frame up with the Vote of thanks by senior student D.Sudeep of class X.

Mr.K.Pushpanadham leads a concluded prayer and thanks God for the successful Teachers’ Day of India.

Right after All enjoyed the Teachers Day Celebration.

 At the end sweets were distributed to the students, snack to all Teachers and staffs.


Thank You

Investiture ceremony - 2018

Investiture Ceremony  2018 -19

                                                                                                                                                    Presider :  Rebecah Disari & S.Mounika

The Investiture Ceremony of the newly elected students Cabinet of Carmel English School, Kallata  took place on 31st  August 2018.

The ceremony begins with our school song. WE ARE THE FLOWER OF CARMEL...

The ceremonial pinning of the badges to the newly elected candidates was done by the Principal Mr.Ranjit Kumar Paik , Academic In-Charge Mr. K.Pushpanadham &  Mr.Kishore Sharma with senior Teachers and House mentors.

The Head Boy P.Nikhil Paul of class XI, Head Girl Milli Rani Bhuyan of class XI, Sports captain  G.Upendra of class XI Sports Vice Captain Rajesh Kandhpan of class IX, Cultural captain Sumitra Rudai of class IX Cultural Vice Captain Rejoice Malli of class IX and volunteer took oath to hold the school motto –Guiding towards Way ,Truth & Life  in high esteem.

The Principal   Mr. Ranjit Kumar Paik advised the student Council member to take their responsibilities seriously and loving and caring to fellow students, and encouraged the students to be at their best and take the school to Be Creative.

The Principal  Mr. Ranjit Kumar Paik  lead the school cabinet with pledge and congratulated the newly elected Office Bearers and hoped that they would perform their duties with utmost diligence. The Investiture ceremony concluded with national Anthem.


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