A CBSE affiliated Senior Secondary School. Affiliation No: 130344

About Us

Carmel English School is an educational project of AGSM.

                      1.  Recognized by DEO,Srikakulam , Andhra Pradesh

                     2.   Affiliated by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi


Carmel believes that,life is without foundation if Character is not sharpen;hence it focuses more through personal and professional counselling and purposeful mentoring leading towards Way,Truth & life.



Carmel English School,follow the prescribed syllabus of CBSE and it prepares the students to get good ranking in NEET & IIT examination.


Making students RESPONSIBLE:

Individual responsibility towards self family and environment is crucial to there is enough space to make our students responsible through curricular activities games,sports and project work to learn more about team work communication.

Training the students to make them METHODICAL:

Today's generation is often get divert and distract from their purpose and vision;So following procedures,methods schedule and norms are taught to students in the teaching learning processes of day to day life activities.


There is no success without competitive everyone run;but winner are few. We want to make our student to learn with confidence to make them efficient to make decisions in their life which are meaningful.



Carmel students who takes on the responsibility of spreading knowledge through inspiration & to strives to change the world by starting with their own family,community and nation.